Return Of The Hobbies

3080 PC build
My fresh PC build

I’m back once again to write about hobbies, and everything else I’ve been up to! I’m not sure if you guys have read my last post, but my PC gave me more issues. Those issues resulted in another RMA. It ended up taking just over a month to be corrected.

In the end I suppose MSI couldn’t repair my 2080 Super (pictured below) so they sent me a 3080 Suprim. (also pictured below)

Ventus 2080 Super
My old 2080 Super.
My new 3080 Suprim.

I have to say it is quite the upgrade, and reminded me of the love I have for building computers. I have a mess of hobbies but this one is a favorite. I have a short on my YouTube channel if you want to see a small part of the build process.

I’m excited to be back making content for QuasiHobbies, both here, and on YouTube.

The Hobbies

I am working on some ideas for the blog, nothing solid just yet. Though I would like to do more poetry, maybe some short stories. I also am considering bringing back the Quasicast. Let me know what you guys would like to see here.

I do want to admit that I am going to use this more as an outing. More so than in the past, because my mom has cancer. That news has weighed on me, and really affected our life very negatively. I am doing my best to cope, and be strong for my family. However I have found myself breaking down at work, and preferring to be anywhere except at home. I won’t get too much more into this, not on this post. We could certainly use help though, so all donations from now until either my mom, or the cancer wins will go towards her GoFundMe. I don’t like asking for donations for personal reasons, but my parents really need it.

At The End Of The Day

There’s nothing any of us can do except for hope, and pray that everything is okay. But I am back, and I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with QH.

As always, Thanks for reading guys. You can check out my other socials below. Have an exceptional Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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