Reviewing my SixGill Cyclone

I’m writing this before my review of my Quantum spinning reel goes live, I also wanted to review this Sixgill Cyclone. Sixgill is one of my favorite brands when it comes to fishing gear. They do a lot for different causes, and raises awareness for different issues. Sixgills ceo/owner is also very active in his community, and takes customer criticism very well. His team goes above and beyond in the name of customer service, and I would recommend them to anyone. I’m not affiliated in any way, and you can only buy their stuff from them, you won’t find it at any retailer. If you’d like to check this company out here is their site!

With that out of the way let’s get into it. First I want to mention my favorite part, and that is it’s aesthetics. Blue has been my favorite color since I first learned colors, and I love this carbon black, and blue color scheme. Most of Sixgills gear follows this color scheme, although they most likely expanded in the last few years. I have had this reel for quite a long time, and caught a lot of fish on it. I believe that Sixgill does generational upgrades, meaning the different generations of their gear has different parts in them. My Sixgill cyclone is a 1st or 2nd generation reel. For example mine is 7:1 gear ratio, but they don’t come in that ratio anymore, they do offer a 7.1:1 however.

I’m fairly certain I bought this reel mid 2016, and I only retired it in 2021 because I threw it down while being chased by a bunch of hornets. A few components on the handle are broken, I could probably get parts to fix it. Maybe I’ll send some emails after I finish this up.

What I Used It For

I used this specific reel for top water, lipless crankbaits, and jigs. There’s other things too, but suffice to say this reel was capable of doing whatever I needed it to. I think 7:1 is right in the middle of the spectrum of gear ratios, it’s not blazing fast, or super slow. I believe that makes it fairly flexible because you have more control over how fast you’re retrieving line.

When I look at this reel I can’t help but admire the lines, and the design that went into it. Looking at the first image we can see that it comes with five magnets for its braking system. It also has space for more to be added, not that the cyclone needs it. This reel casts so smooth with proper control, and it’ll go for a mile. I imagine the newest generation is even smoother.

At The End Of The Day

I adore the Sixgill Cyclone. It is objectively my favorite reel in my current lineup. It has stood up to my abuse for quite a few years, until hornets made me drop it hard. But nothing a new nut won’t fix. Overall I highly recommend Sixgill for any fishing equipment you need. They do great things, and value their customers. Once again I have no affiliation, I just admire the work they do.

I hope this review was helpful, or persuaded you to check out a new company, with great products. As always have an amazing Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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