Sad News And Progress

QuasiHobby Updates

Sad news everyone. My grandmother is still in bad shape, and it’s not looking up. This has had kind of an adverse effect on life as you could imagine. I’ve been losing motivation to keep up with the site, and making new content. As well as being in peak season at work, overall I’ve pretty stressed. It has effected my health even, but no worries. I will always keep moving forward, I always have. I’m getting back to making content again. I’m working on a new schedule so I can type out a few posts, and have them post throughout the week.

I am still working on streaming, and making videos, time has just been my biggest issue. I hope everyone will stick with me, even in my spans of inactivity. Anyways I wanted to keep this short, check back soon for another post. Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening.

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