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QuasiHobby Updates

There’s so many new things happening at QH these days. I just started making videos for our YT channel. I signed up for classes to further my education. Then there is the newest member of the family, my newborn daughter. She was born just last week, and she is perfect in every way. I couldn’t be happier with life right now, and I hope you all are just as happy.

Recently I’ve been fairly busy, between taking the night shift for the baby, and the stuff I’m making during the spare time during the day. I’m about to be even busier with class, however I still have the time to brainstorm some new ideas. Videos like the Project Lure series I’m working on, and with the warm weather coming I’m going to get back to making fishing videos. I’ve been in talks with other small creators, and maybe I can get a collab going or something.

I’m thinking I’m going to do some more gaming stuff as well, maybe get some friends in on it too. I got a new setup coming, and the quality should be pretty decent. I’m hoping that growing another channel will be easier than the first one I let die a few years ago.

If any of you have a more substantial following, would you mind sharing some tips? leave a comment below. I’m always looking to learn new things, and new techniques.

The last update that I have to make is an update to the store, there are two shirts that are going to be removed as soon as I have new designs to replace them. It’s the Merry Fishmas shirt, and the 2022 bait shirt. They were seasonal, and won’t be available again.

That will be all for this QuasiHobby Update, next post is probably going to be gaming so check back soon for that. Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone!

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