The Book Of Boba Fett Finale a Review

Before I get into anything, this post will contain spoilers so be warned.

The book of Boba Fett, I have seen a lot of criticism swirling around this series. Some of it is warranted, I agree. However I think many critics and hard to please viewers were much too harsh. This is a story about a formerly silent and mysterious bounty hunter, now much less mysterious and silent. I kind of think that is the point though, I could count on one hand how many lines he had in the original trilogy. His character was not ruined, only expanded upon. I lost it as soon as Boba Fett pulled up on his Rancor, badass as ever with his whole posse in tow.

Boba is old now, he is still certainly capable. The fact that he can talk to, and rely on his team even though that is out of character for a lone wolf bounty hunter, makes him a good leader. That is exactly what he is going for, being able to lead the people of Mos Espa with respect. Boba Fett kind of has a Teddy Roosevelt vibe, with the whole “speak softly, and carry a big stick” attitude. However with that kind of mindset you really have to prove yourself, because respect is hard earned. Which is exactly what most of this season was. Outside of the flashbacks, and Mando episodes that is. I feel that too much time and effort was put into telling the story of the Tuskens. Their destruction did carry some weight, but when it was brought up at the end it just felt hollow.

More spoilers ahead!

When Din Djarin showed up mid series, I was pleasantly surprised. However being the focus of such a large part of seven episodes was excessive. I understand that there had to be some time leading up to the conflict for Tatooine, and this was a good way to fill it while building hype for the next season of another series but still. I feel maybe more Boba Fett scenes with cuts to what Mando was doing would have struck a better balance. Even showing some of the work that Fennec was doing behind the scenes would have helped fill out Boba’s story. My last thought is that I think they should have left Grogu’s choice as a cliffhanger for the next season of the Mandalorian, I think that would have built more excitement.

The final gripe that I have for the entirety of the Book of Boba Fett is how Cad Bane was killed. I get it Bane is in his 70s but he was an absolute badass, facing plenty of dangers including Jedi. I see the “poetic” justice that was enacted because Bane delivered the news to Boba about who really killed the Tuskens. But Bane didn’t kill them, nor did he lie about it. So him dying to a Tusken spear made by Boba Fett was more like irony. Just one of those things that appear deep on the surface, but only amount to a thimble of depth.

Enough Book Of Boba Fett spoilers

I won’t dig into anymore of the story, but other than the things I said above, everything has been in my opinion pretty splendid. Other than the colorful speeders that is. I dig the story that is being told, I like the direction that Boba is going in. I’m excited to see what is in store for our Mandalorian duo. I am also incredibly hype to see Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan again. Until then I am probably going to go through past series, and books to brush up on the lore.

Overall I rate the Book Of Boba Fett 8.5/10

It is really good, but some criticisms are valid, and I had a few things to nit pick too. The story, and mission are good though, and with Temuera Morrison being open to playing some of the clones we could have some really cool stories coming to keep building on the clone wars. There is potential, I hope the execs at Disney do not squander it.

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