The Book Of The Courier

Courier Six

This is going to be a little different than usual, also a warning that there may be gruesome or violent details, now onto the book of the courier.

This is the story of the courier from the Mojave. Many might see the courier as just a man, however I believe that is wrong. By all means the courier is a god. A man that could not be killed by his fellow man, despite their best efforts. He does as he sees fit, and as he pleases, influencing mortal wars, and political affairs. Not a servant to any entity or group, only acts in his own best interests. I am narrating this story as I have seen it, however the legend of the courier differ depending on who you talk to.

In The Beginning

There was a flash, and then darkness. When the light came again the courier could only remember one name, the name of the man who shot him in the face. However that was not the face that greeted him. Upon waking, and rising our courier was greeted by the doctor who had saved his life, Doc Mitchell. After some rudimentary tests, Doc Mitchell has determined that the courier is relatively healthy, despite some addictive, and Pyschopathic tendencies. After the good doctor has made this determination, he was more than happy to buy all of his possessions back from the courier. As added insurance the doctor gave the courier a vault suit, Pip-boy, and some miscellaneous items.

Relearning The Wastes

As a side effect from being shot in the head our courier suffered from some short term memory loss. Conveniently, he remembered that if you want information, you just have to pay a visit to the local saloon. Inside of the saloon, sheltered from the abrasive wind of the Mojave, he is greeted by a dog. Not some mange ridden wild cur, but by a trained dog, named Cheyanne. Shortly after he is greet by hunter name Sunny Smiles. Sunny offers the courier a rifle, and helps him practice his aim. After he proves his proficiency against stationary bottles, the duo goes off to hunt some giant geckos around the towns wells.

The first well was cleared with haste, however screams and the sound of fighting come from the second. The courier ran as fast as he could, but this time he was too late to save the townswoman that was fetching water, the geckos have gotten to her first. This is just the reality of life in the wasteland.

Sitting By The Campfire

Sunny offers to teach the courier some survival skills, and how to make some simple healing powder over a campfire. However she needs the ingredients first. So she sends him to the graveyard up on the hill where he was found buried in a shallow grave just days before. There he found a strange snow globe, he felt strangely obligated to take it. Then he was suddenly attacked by bloat flies, they were quickly dispatched, exploding into hundreds of small fleshy bits. He grabbed the flowers he needed for the recipe, next he needed to visit the schoolhouse.

As the courier arrived he could see some giant mantis nymphs. They offered little challenge, similar to the bloat flies. He found the roots he needed, but decided to enter the school house. Compelled by the call of loot, slowly the door creaked open, to a swarm of skittering mantis. In numbers the mantis were slightly more challenging, but armed with his trusty varmint rifle the courier halted the chittering of the mantis swarm. Inside he also found a safe, while attempting to pick the lock, he noticed his skill were more advanced than initially expected. This gave him a clue to what he might of done in his past, but nothing solid.

After finding some decent loot left un-scavenged he returned to Sunny Smiles, and she taught him how to make some basic healing powder. She admitted that was about all she had to teach him. In return she asked him to return to the saloon and talk to its owner, Trudy. And so he did.

Trouble In Goodsprings

Upon entering the saloon, and approaching the bar he found a strange man arguing with Trudy. The man stormed off shortly after, and the courier talked to Trudy about who he was, and what he wanted. Turns out the man was part of a gang called the powder gangers. His name was Joe Cobb, the courier later sought him out to speak with him. Joe Cobb was after a man named Ringo, the courier cared little about why, and was more interested in information. He returned to Trudy to inquire about the man who shot him. He learned that the man was traveling with a couple of guards from the great khans. As well as that they were headed towards New Vegas. Being satisfied with this information the courier offered to fix Trudy’s radio, and after being paid a fair sum, he went to seek out Ringo.

After barging into where Ringo was hiding, and a short stand off, the courier learned that trouble was coming to Goodsprings. The powder gangers wouldn’t stop until they got Ringo. The courier had already received offers from both Joe Cobb, and Sunny Smiles. With not a moral compass to be found he decided he would just sleep on it, and do whatever strikes his fancy when he wakes.

There Ends The First Day In The Book Of The Courier

This is a lot different from what I usually post here, but I want to try to improve on my writing, and creative writing skills. How else better to do that than to write a story about one of my Fallout: New Vegas playthroughs? This particular playthrough is true neutral, and is full of random decisions. Should be interesting, so if you guys want to read more be sure to drop a like, and a comment. I really value your feedback, and I appreciate you all for reading.

Next post is going to be number 69! (Nice) I have an interesting tale planned for it, so stay tuned, and check back soon! Have an amazing Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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