The Tale Of A Vasectomy

Ah post 69, how fitting that this post is going to be about my vasectomy. I’m going to talk in detail about how it felt, and about some of the procedure itself. So if you are squeamish, or don’t want to hear about balls, I recommend skipping out on this one.

Here We Go

I have four kids, that’s a lot right? Well for my age that is almost unimaginable. I’m going on 24, I already have all the kids I wanted, and honestly about all I can handle. That is why I decided to schedule my Vasectomy. The day finally came, and my mind was racing. I was wondering how long it would take, how long I would be under for, and everything else. I assumed it would take about an hour, because I remembered vaguely that was what my doctor said. He was close, it was just over an hour with wait time.

However when I went in and asked about being put under, imagine my surprise when the nurse said that I was going to be awake. My balls already started to ache at the thought of a scalpel being near them in the first place let alone having to be awake, and aware that it is happening. I also want to note that mine is semi-permanent, as most Vasectomies are.

Time For The Vasectomy

I had stripped from the waste down, hopped on the table. Presented for the whole room, and anxious to get started. So anxious that I had the doctor essentially walk me through the whole procedure so I understood what was happening, and why. Prepare for this next part, because it has some pucker factor. The first thing that the doctor did was inject a syringe that felt rather large in my sack, and administered some local anesthetic. It hurts thinking about it now, and it has been over a week now. I won’t lie he numbed me pretty good, he started with my left side, and all I could feel is some slight pressure.

He started with his incision, and got to work. He explained that he was cutting away some of the soft tissue near the tube, and that it wasn’t necessarily needed. However it was possible to lower the chance of chronic pain. After he finished that he explained that he was cutting, tying, and cauterizing the tube. I still felt nothing but pressure, and thought the whole thing would be a breeze, I was wrong.

The Rough Part

I had asked if the right side might be more painful considering I’m ride side dominate, he said that wouldn’t be the case. However I think it very much was. Not only did I feel the needle more, but they had to stick me multiple times throughout the duration of the right side. I felt every movement he had made, and I could tell exactly which step he was on. Beginning with his grip on my poor right side boy, he had it firm, and that was already uncomfortable.

I felt the burning of him making the initial incision in my sack, and boy that was rough. As he injected me with more anesthetic it got more bearable. He moved on to cutting away the soft tissue, and this is where things wen awry. I had felt what I could only describe as a popping sensation in my lower muscles, and that sent my ass into muscle spasms literally. That was one of the worst feelings I have ever felt in my life. After that all my muscles were tense, and kind of exaggerated the rest of what I felt. He eventually finished cutting the soft tissue away, and proceeded to cut, tie, and cauterize my right tube. He stitched me up and that was that.

The Aftermath Of The Vasectomy

I was out in just over an hour, not too bad considering what just happened felt like eternity. But I was given some cream, told to use a bag of frozen peas, and to rest for a couple of days. I did not rest like I was supposed to. I live in a house with a lot of stairs, and felt bad about asking my wonderful girlfriend for help. So I just dealt with the soreness and powered through. That was a huge mistake, my pain could have ended so much sooner, had I just sat down, and stayed down. The peas certainly did help though, the swelling was really rough, but went down after a couple 15 minute sessions.

Now here I am over a week later, and pretty much 100% The first time making the snake puke wasn’t horrible like others have said, but I like to think that my body felt bad for me, and decided to give me a break.

Overall it was very worth it. Though it was one hell of an experience, and a major slap to the balls. If you’re thinking about having a vasectomy done, you certainly should. Just keep in mind that they are not always reversible, and take up to 30 ejaculations, and/or 3 months for your pipes to be completely clear. You can arrange to be put under for the procedure, but honestly unless you are terribly squeamish it isn’t that bad. So go for it my brothers, it is much easier for us to get fixed than our significant others. Do it for them kings.

Anyways that is all for now, thanks for reading my 69th (nice) post everyone! Have an awesome Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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