This Is The Best EFT Wipe So Far

Escape from tarkov cover

I know, this is a bold claim. Most people find this to be a very controversial wipe with all of the new features in 12.12. However in this article I am going to give my opinion on why this is the best EFT wipe so far.

Early Game

Starting with early game gameplay, BSG decided to keep flea market access at level 15. It was level 20 initially last wipe, I originally welcomed that change however my team did not. Though later on in the wipe BSG lowered the requirement by five levels. This seems to be the sweet spot in terms of accessibility, and extending the mid game. Another bunch of changes included changes in materials needed to upgrade the hideout. One that I found interesting is actually needing maps to upgrade your intel center, I think that was a clever change.

When it comes to weapons I believe six new weapons were added, two shotguns, two SCAR variants, and two pistols (?) Several new malfunctions were added as well, and you must inspect your weapon prior to clearing each one. Though a couple of them are quite easily identified without doing so. Overall I appreciate the realism BSG keeps incorporating into their game, even though I do have a love/hate relationship with it.

Inertia was another huge addition to gameplay mechanics. I certainly took a few raids to get used to it. Fighting definitely feels better with these changes, and a side effect of moving slower, is that the effects of D-sync are slightly lessened. Of course peekers advantage still exists, but unless they completely follow through the chances that they succeed in their push aren’t high.

Mid Game

Let’s circle back to the flea changes. A huge change that BSG has made that made this the best eft wipe yet, is that you can no longer list high tier items on the flea. Things like certain meta weapons, high tier armor, and helmets have been removed. This greatly lengthens the life of the mid game. The chances of running into someone completely kitted out every raid is miniscule. I think that mid wipe gameplay will stay interesting, and engaging keeping more people playing. As well as encouraging people to take more risks when it comes to acquiring better gear from bosses and raiders.

Dynamic loot isn’t exactly new, but loot changes have oh so obviously happened. I know I’m not the only person who hasn’t found a gas analyzer yet this wipe. A lot of people have this issue, and a part of it is that you can no longer find them inside filing cabinets. As a matter of fact it seems that filing cabinets have been nerfed in general, mostly being empty. As far as I know you can find Gas analyzers with tech loot, or tool spawns. This is just unreal, never in my 600 hours would I have thought that I would find a GPU before a gas analyzer, on my second raid of the wipe no less.

Late Game

Well to be honest I usually get into other games before I ever make it to late game. I don’t know if anything has been changed or added. All I know is that Light house is here, it has quests, and the new Rogue faction that will absolutely hurt you in all the wrong ways. I have seen some clips that are absolutely insane. I don’t have too much info on them, so I will link a video here. Pretty sure a lot of the late game will consist of farming bosses and the like to be able to run good gear more often. Seeing as you can’t buy it from the flea. As far as I know some of the items will be available from higher level traders. I am excited to see how this wipe will look over the next couple of weeks.

That’s Why I Think This Is The Best EFT Wipe So Far

This after all is just my opinion, and there are a few things I didn’t mention. Overall these are steps in the right direction, and the outlook is pretty bright. Is there anything you don’t like? Do you disagree? Let me know in the comments! I would certainly like to see it from different points of view. Anyways that is it for now I hope you enjoyed reading. Have a wonderful Holiday season!

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