This Past Week Was Killer

What you see above is the thumbnail from my video I posted at the beginning of this week. This video is currently sitting just under 18 thousand views, and is 2nd or 3rd in it’s topic. That is insane for a small creator like myself. I have some issues with it though.

For example, I don’t care for reaction videos. Most creators don’t really add anything to the content. It’s always just like gaped mouth breathing the whole time. So knowing that I didn’t like it, I did it with my own spin. I included my opinion, and “judged” the changes, questioned the motivations behind them, and then later made a video comparing part two to part one. Both videos did incredibly well.

The channel gained upwards of 150 new subscribers, the feedback they have given on both videos was insane. I replied to every last comment in one way or another, all 300(ish) of them. I also did a surprise stream yesterday, and I had an incredibly active, and wholesome chat, and I loved all two hours of it.

So even though I hate reaction videos, mine were fun to make, got a lot of attention, and gave me a lot of awesome viewers. I still have one more to make, once Orphan tears part three drops in a week. Depending on the response that I get from that video, that will decide if I keep making them.

That being said I got my ability to livestream from my phone, and I have my new custom link, check it out!

More Good News

I’m not sure if I ever talked about this here, but my mom has cancer. I know that isn’t good news, but she had a huge Tumor removed. How huge? Well it was about the size of a basket ball, and contained 11 liters of fluid. That is almost four gallons! Absolutely insane, that was the dangerous one though. Had it ruptured while my mom waited for her surgery that the surgeon kept pushing off, she would have died.

She got out of the hospital earlier this week as well. This was discovered back in February, her surgery was scheduled for May, then they delayed it to July. Had she not went to another hospital for another opinion, she likely wouldn’t have made it. I’m sure there is a legal suit in there somewhere, but I’m just glad she’s alive.

She still has some on her uterus, and on a small section of her bowel. But that is not as severe as the basket ball tumor. As soon as she heals up she can go, and have that cancer removed as well.

This Week Has Been Good Overall

Just with all the nonsense I have had going on, and everything, this week has been refreshing. There has been a ton of negativity, but never enough to ruin my optimism. That’s what I wish for you guys too, never be held down by a bad mood, and never be held down by pessimism. Stay happy my friends!

The Giveaway!

I decided that I am going to give away five of my Nikita Mugs once I hit 500 Subscribers on YouTube! So help me out, and follow me here, and on Twitter! I’m going to reach out on Twitter, so that part is important! links below guys! That’s all for now, so as always have an amazing Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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