Unfortunate Technical Difficulties…

This on is just going to be a quickie, as I am having technical difficulties… My Ventus 2080 Super that I recently bought started having artifacts. Ultimately I have to RMA the card, and that will take some time. So until I get it back, my posts are going to be formatted weird, and may be lacking a little.

This just sucks, because it was so sudden. One day I was gaming, and everything was fine. Then I boot up the next day, and it’s screwed. However I never OC’d the card or ran it hard, and I never had it above 80c. I just hope it will be fixed, because I already resold my old GPU, and can’t afford another new one.

Just fits in the theme with all of the technical I’ve dealt with these last couple days. Everything with my car being a total shit box, and spending hours troubleshooting. I’m kind of burnt. But in the end dumb stuff like the below picture happens.

Who needs ramps, or good photo compression?

Random “Jeep Life” moments happen. We didn’t have ramps, so I told my buddy to use the curb, and so we did. Our usual style of getting things done. So that at least brightened my week a little bit. The same as writing for you guys!

With that This post is done. While I am going to still be writing I suggest checking out the QH YouTube channel, and other socials, as I am going to be posting there often. As I won’t be able to write on my PC I’ll work to better my other content!

Thanks for reading about my technical difficulties guys, have an excellent Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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