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My old GPU

The gaming scene has been in a haze this week. From Infinity Ward teasing a new COD title being announced today as MW2 the sequel to 2019s COD title MW. Over to Escape from Tarkovs current in game events. In my opinion Modern Warfare (2019) was the best COD title we have had since black ops two. The game felt right, it felt smooth, yet reminded me of the old days of playing the original Modern Warfare. Being Infinity Wards turn in the development cycle I am excited for the end product.

I don’t really care for how they monetize these days, but that’s not something you have to partake in either. I’m expecting the same quality in gameplay, and story as 2019, and I have high expectations for it.

The current event in EFT is kind of an oddball. It started out a couple weeks ago with a tease from BSG, and Nikita posting a picture of room, with a strange door number; 428. Which is also today’s date. Few people in the community believed that today was going to be the routine server wipe that comes with each big content update.

However that would make this wipe the shortest wipe this far, and plenty of others in the community are highly skeptical, as well. Yesterday was the start of an event where the scav case was adjusted, and you are able to spend vast amounts of in game currency to work towards a goal of over a trillion rubles. What happens when the community reaches that goal, is anyones guess. Will it trigger BSG to do the expect content update? Sure, will that cause a wipe? Not likely, however I’m optimistic.

There’s also some other small news regarding a game I’ve followed to a lesser extent, that game is Bloodhunt, and I believe that releases here soon as well, either it did today, or will tomorrow. I haven’t follwed it much, but figured it was worth the mention.

That’s all I have for now, I have a couple other posts in the works as well, and I’m looking forward to releasing them.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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