Why is Antiwork Important?

Antiwork is a movement that is currently sweeping the country, with millions of supporters. The name is a little extreme compared to the actual goals of the movement. Antiwork advocates for higher wages that are livable, as well as better working conditions. If you have ever been told not to discuss your wages with a coworker, that is your boss breaking a law, and feeding a toxic work environment. This is the most common example of employers trying to keep wages low. They illegally threaten disciplinary action when there are labor laws in place to protect against that exact tactic.

Many members of management are not required to know labor laws. That is why it is important to educate yourself, and know your rights. Even if you have a great management team, it is important to be prepared, so you are protected.

Antiwork is Just Important to Me

This is a pretty controversial topic for me to talk about here. I know I promised no politics, but this is something that is important to me. This is a movement that should be important to everyone.

Quality of life is something everyone deserves. In our society Money is what dictates how we live our lives. Frankly I believe that everyone should be able to live with whatever job they choose to do. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, all jobs are important. They may be small, they may be big, they can all still be paid accordingly. There is a need for pay raises across the board, many people, even in trades, are underpaid. With our current rate of inflation, most people got pay cuts this year. You are most likely making less this year, than you did last year even with a 5% raise.

On top of not being paid fairly, you’re most likely not being treated fairly either. Employers often use underhanded tactics to underpay you. Expecting you to always be available without being paid for being on call. Not allowing you to take rightfully earned time off. Expecting you to work on your days off if someone calls out. Sometimes they’ll commit wage theft, and not pay you for overtime the way they legally should. It is important that you take responsibility for yourself, and prevent your employer from taking advantage.

What Can You Do?

There are a few ways you can do this. You can communicate with coworkers, and promote transparency with the company. It is also reasonable to unionize, however that is a word employers truly resent. Many employers will try to retaliate even on the mention of the word union. Unionizing is also a real team effort, and takes a lot of coordination which makes it difficult to accomplish. However anything is possible with enough work. Another option to escape predatory business practices, is to just quit. I know that is not an option for most people. There are plenty of open positions, and it is possible to find a better job, with better pay, and better benefits. It just takes the right motivation to search for that better job, but once you do, you’ll be glad you did.

Why it Matters

I said earlier how this is controversial for me, and for QuasiHobbies. QH has a strict no politics policy, however I felt that this was important enough to make an exception. I advocate for happiness, for quality of life. I simply want everyone to be able to live their best life. For that to happen everyone needs to be paid enough to live without struggling. This is a complicated thing to fix, but we can start by giving employees the rights they deserve. Antiwork isn’t actually anti work, it’s more like anti shitty business practices, and anti low wages. I just want you all to know your worth, and know that you shouldn’t stay at your shit job, when I believe you can do so much better.

With that being said, I believe in all of you. However I’m done with my rant now. I hope that you enjoyed reading, or even learned something here. There won’t likely be anymore political posts, unless it’s something we can all get behind together. I feel like antiwork is something everyone can support, because it pertains to everyone minus some overpaid executives. Anyways I hope you enjoyed, Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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