You Need This Crankbait In Your Tackle Bag

Largemouth Bass

During this post I’m going to tell you guys why you absolutely need a square bill crankbait in you tackle box/bag.

The Bass in the picture above may not be all that impressive. However I have caught more than a few 4lb+ East coast Bass on a 1.5-2.0 size Square bill crankbait. This lure is my confidence bait. No matter how bad of a day I am having, as long as I tie one of these bad boys on, I am bound to catch at least one fish. These baits are fairly versatile, and can be fished a few ways. My personal favorite is fishing it around chunk rock, or rocky bottom areas.

Where To Use a Crankbait

Here’s why, some of these crankbaits come with rattles, some don’t. Though either way when you bounce the bait off of the chunk rock, or have it dragging the bottom it makes noise. The rattle really only adds a more aggressive sound, I’m kind of indifferent towards it. I just don’t think it makes a huge difference in most situations. Anyways these sounds attract curious, and hungry fish.

Stained Water

The biggest part of fishing is getting fish to be interested in your bait. These sounds do a great job of doing that in stained water. Which is why I love crankbaits so much, pretty much all I fish is stained water. But I realize stained water with chunk rock, and a hard bottom is pretty specific.

Clear Water

How about clear water with plentiful grass for cover? Well time to play with different diving depths. Depending on the depth of the water, and how tall the grass is you will have to choose a specific diving depth. Sometimes this correlates to the size of the crankbait, bigger one dive deeper, and smaller ones dive shallower.

So the technique here is to use a shallow diving crankbait to fish above the grass to draw the fish out of cover. You can also find the edge of the grass bed and use a mid-depth diver to fish alongside the edge for the same effect. I recommend this where visibility is around 12ft, because you obviously need to be able to make out depth and where the bed ends.

Muddy Water

How about some tips for muddy water? Well I hate muddy water. But I even have success with crankbaits in muddy water as well. This is wear a crankbait that has a rattle in it comes into play. Visibility is horrible for both you and the fish. You’re not gonna use a scent on a quick moving bait either so that’s out. So the only thing you really have is sound. And most muddy water doesn’t have a hard bottom, and usually not a lot of cover. So all you have is that rattle.

The other important detail here is being familiar with the exact depth of where you’re fishing. You don’t want to choose a crankbait that dives too deep, and drag it through the muck. This will muffle the sound, and just pick up all kinds of nastiness. Being able to keep your bait in the middle of the water column where it makes the most noise is key.

Did You Learn Anything?

I think I covered some pretty good information here, I hope you have learned something. This is my absolute favorite lure to fish with, and I hope I’ve got you hooked on it too.

If you have anything to add be sure to leave a comment. I’m also making a video version of this post for the QH YouTube channel, so be sure to check the channel out, and stay tuned for that upload.

Thanks for reading, and have an excellent Morning/After/Evening!

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